Happy with Your Current Car Loan?

Happy with Your Current Car Loan?

Potential Options if You Aren’t Happy with Your Current Car Loan

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When you first purchased your car, you might have really been in need of a vehicle. Because of that, you might have taken out any car loan that you could get approved for. You might have also been willing to take just about any car loan because of the fact that you may have had bad credit or a low income when you purchased your car. Many people in this situation find themselves feeling desperate and will take any type of loan that might be offered to them, even if it comes with a high interest rate.

Now that the new has worn off of your car, however, you might have found that you are not happy with your car loan at all. You might be unhappy about how much you are paying in interest, for example, or you might have found that your payments are just too high for you to be able to pay easily each month. Regardless of why you might not be happy with your current car loan, you do have options. These are a few things that you can look into; if you compare your options, you might find that one of them will help you out.

Refinance Your Car

If you are happy with your current car and want to keep it but aren’t happy with your Car Loans by Stratton Finance, one option that you can look into is refinancing it. For example, this can be a good option if you would like to try to reduce your interest rate or if you feel that your payments are too high to be affordable each month. By refinancing with another lender, you may be able to get a lower interest rate, particularly if your credit has improved since you first bought your car. You might also be able to get a longer-term loan so that your payments are stretched out more and are therefore more affordable. Applying with a few lenders can help you determine whether or not refinancing might be a good option.

Trade it In

If you are interested in buying another car, you may want to consider trading in the vehicle that you have now. Then, you can use the equity in your car to help serve as a down payment for your next car loan. If you are upside down in your current loan, the lender might wrap the difference into your new loan. This can be a good option to look into if you are ready to drive something different.

Sell Your Vehicle

Some people find that selling their vehicle and paying off the current loan is a good choice. Depending on how much more money you owe on your car loan and how much your vehicle is worth, you might be able to walk away with a little bit of cash to put toward another car. If you are upside down in your loan, however, you might still owe the lender after the car is sold. For some, it can be worth it to not have to worry about having a car loan anymore.

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